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Discover Thessaly
Trikala, Elati, Pertouli, Plastiras Lake

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The city of Trikala, 20 km. from Meteora [approximately 40 minutes by car], is one of the most picturesque cities of Thessaly, and in antiquity it was home to the great god of medicine Asclepius and to the most renowned healing temple (Asclepieion) in Greece.

The waters of river Lithaios run through the city, and its two banks are connected by numerous bridges.

Trikala is an idyllic and verdurous city that excites all of its visitors who are fascinated by the picturesque neighbourhood Varousi, with the colourful two-storey houses dated between

the 17th and 19th centuries, the churches, the Osman Shah Mosque, created by architect Sinan of Greek descent, the medieval Fort with the famoustower and clock, trademark of the city, and by the archaeological site of the Asclepieion, which includes a Late Hellenistic building also used during the Roman era, part of a Late Hellenistic stoa, part of a Roman bath house and one post-Byzantine temple.

Trikala Cityscape


Any time of the year

...a tour of the surrounding areas will reveal dozens of attractions and will provide you with numerous opportunities for activities, such as horse-riding at valleys Pertouliotika, mountain climbing in Elati, skiing in Pertouli, rafting and kayaking in the waters of Aspropotamos (7,5 - 8 km from location Tria Potamia up to Alexiou Bridge and 8,5 km from there to the Mesohora Dam), as well as river trekking.

While on route you will pass through picturesque mountain villages, like Neraidochori, Pyra, Drosochori and Dessi. Your trip can be ideally combined with the dreamlike beauty of Plastiras Lake, which is fringed with dozens of traditional and very hospitable villages.

The lake offers opportunities for countless activities, such as horse riding, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking and rock-climbing, in a magnificent landscape, with the enchanting Agrapha of Thessaly encompassing the lake.



The wonderful town of Metsovo, at an altitude of 1.200m. dominates the mountainous bulk of Pindos. Metsovo is situated 61,45km. northward off Kalambaka, and you can combine your trip there with a visit to the artificial lake Aou(at 1.300 m. elevation) and the Politses plateau, for horse riding and mountain biking, or for kayaking in river Metsovitikos. During wintertime you can ski and snowboard at the Aniliou ski centre(7km. from the village) located at the "Giuzel Tepe" (Beautiful Mountain Ridge) at an altitude of 1.790m !

In the town of Metsovo you can visit the Folk Art Museum, housed at the restored Tositsa mansion, the Averoff Museum of Neohellenic Art (erected in 1985), with works from Volanakies, Gyzis, Litras, Maleas, Moralis, Parthenis, Tsarouchis, Fasianos, Hadjikiriakos-Ghikas and the famed Averoff garden, a park that stretches over 10.000 sm. and contains all the endemic flora of Pindos.

At a short distance from Metsovo, in village Anthochori, we recommend a stop at the Open Air Water-Power Museum, which features old restored watermills, fulling mills, tuck mills, small bridges and beautiful cobblestone streets.