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Just 352 km. from Athens, Kalambaka, a small town full of history and unique monuments situated on the left bank of river Pineios, is one of the most popular year-round travel destinations.

It is the capital of the namesake province of the north-western part of Trikala prefecture.

From picturesque Kalambaka we head towards the monastic state of Meteora, a masterpiece created by nature, spreading eastward and northward off the town.

Important inscriptions of the 10th c. refer to the town as Aiginion or Stagoi, and attest to the central position it occupied during the Hellenistic and Roman eras. While strolling around the town, you'll see the cathedral of St. Vissarion (100 m. from Toti Boutique Rooms) and the Temple of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (10 - 11th c.) on the north part of the town.

Here you can marvel at a fine wood-carved icon screen (iconostasis) of post byzantine style (17th c.) and the only marble pulpit in Greece. Since this byzantine temple is located just 3 minutes away from Meteora on foot, you can set out from here and visit the nearby monasteries of Holy Trinity and St. Stephen.

13-21 Ramou Street, Kalambaka


Other attractions of Kalambaka

...that are worth a visit are the Natural History Museum of Meteora [700-800 m. from the accommodation], which houses a rich collection of approximately 300 species of fauna (birds and mammals), the Museum of Hellenic Culture located at the town's centre, which aims at the preservation, study, promotion and furtherance of Hellenic Culture, as well as a Mushroom Museum, the first of its kind in Greece, where the main varieties of mushrooms are showcased and the way they develop in each ecosystem is explained.


If you happen to be at the area during the first weekend of October, you can take part in the annual Mushroom Festival, established in 2015, which features many events and activities sponsored by the Region of Thessaly, the Kalambaka Municipality and the Mushroom Associations of Greece, Epirus and Western Macedonia.